Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To All Student Leaders

Hey Student Leaders! :D
Sorry for taking such a long time to get the blog updated.
Congratulations to all 47 Student Leaders in completing the CLASS Camp 2008.
I've already uploaded the photos of the camp as some of you might have requested!
Do grab the photos on the right at the links.
Do meet up in your individual groups of 7 to come up with games and cheers.
Just a reminder:
The combined meeting for all student leaders will be next Tuesday, 9 Dec'08 at 10am in the AVA room, attendance is compulsory.
I'll see you guys next Tuesday then!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SL Camp 2008

The name list of those selected for the camp have been put up on the Student Leadership Board.
Please do have a look at it. (:
The briefing will be tomorrow at 12.15pm in the AVA Room.
All the best in receving your report books. ;D


Sunday, October 12, 2008

SL Camp 2008 & eBay 2008

Sorry but the results of who will be selected for the camp will be postponed to a later date.
The results will be posted as soon as it is out.
The briefing and issue of consent forms may be postponed too.
Meanwhile, there will be a bazaar on Thursday (16 Oct) -
Environmentally-friendly Bazaar And You,
If you have any unused item, please bring to school on 13 Oct OR 15 Oct latest.
The items may be useful for someone else. ;D
Items must be in good working conditions.
Items that can be contributed:
1. Accessories
2. Books
3. Costume Jewellery
4. Stationeries
5. Toys
6. Table-top accessories
Item(s) would be sold for $5 on Thursday (16 Oct).
Bring enough cash if you would like to purchase some items.
Please play a part in the bazaar!
Student Leaders, i might need your help in selling the items.
There might be a meeting on Wednesday (15 Oct).
Please leave a tag at the tagboard if you would like to help out.
That's all for now.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Student Leadership Camp 2008

The Student Leadership Camp of 2008 will be held from 12 Nov to the 14 Nov. (:
Please do check for results of who will be selected for the camp which will be posted tomorrow, 10 Oct.
Briefing and issue of the camp consent forms will be on the 15th Oct at 2.30pm.
Please do check for new updates. ;D


Saturday, September 13, 2008

NTSS Student Leadership Board

Welcome to the NTSS Student Leadership Board's Blog! ;D
This is a newly set up blog for Student Leaders of New Town Secondary School.
Student Leaders, please do check the blog often for updates.
Meanwhile, study hard for the exams!
All the best.
Thanks. (: